The galleries show my best work. These are the photographs with impact. They draw the eye, have an interesting subject, lighting that works, are well composed, tell a story, evoke an emotional response. When printed, framed and hung on a wall they cause the viewer stop, observe and absorb the image. Then come back again to study it some more.


  Artistic Gallery

My artistic images tend to focus in on a subject and isolate it from the broader environment but do so in a way that captures the beauty and essence of the subject through composition and light.


  Landscape Gallery

Landscape images are those that encompass broad views of natural scenes: Mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, forests, plains, and fields.


  Nature Gallery

Nature images are those that are primarily focused on life in a natural setting. These are images of plants and flowers, animals and insects.


  Travel Gallery

Travel galleries are photographic journals of trips taken to see the culture, people, cities, countryside, and architecture of various lands and locations.


  People Gallery

The People gallery contains photo galleries featuring primarily our family and friends.